We hold tryouts the last weekend of July for the following season.  We typically host a winter tryout as well.  Individual tryouts are available (sign up for a lesson to be used as your tryout).



Tryouts are a difficult process and can bring many complications. It is our goal to communicate and get everybody started on the right foot. WBB has achieved and improved every season.  2021 will be our best yet!

We are here to build up good players and strong people.  We focus on the overall development of your child, for both his baseball skills and his character.  Although we work hard to develop successful teams (23 Major teams in 6 seasons with well over 100 championships, 6 World Series championships, 9U, 13U, 14U State Championships, 50+ former WBB players playing college in 2019, 2 MLB draft selections), that's more of a byproduct than our mission.  For us, this is a long-term commitment to your family.  We want to help your son learn to work in the winter, prepare in the spring, compete in the summer, know himself, overcome adversity, buy in, commit, care about teammates, to be responsible for his/her own actions, take ownership of mistakes/weaknesses, bust out of a slump, slide hard, sacrifice, fight, grind, rally, respect the game, and play FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

Make no mistake about it, you're not paying for 50 games or the best team or the best coach.  Your player fee is to play for WBB; for our knowledge, commitment, daily work, energy, and care of your child.  No matter whether you're an Astro, Expo, or Arrow, you are our BRO.  You will receive the same attention, care, focus, demands, and expectations as any WBB player 8-18U. No club devotes more time or energy for baseball than WBB.  We are the only true baseball academy in SWMO, with a facility capable of fielding multiple teams and developing players from youth through college.  Our coaches are knowledgeable, work hard, and truly care about our players.  We take pride in our relationships.  We believe in the positive impact this game can have on players and families because we've seen it and we've lived it.  We hope you'll join us for a great baseball season!